Carrie began her Art Career at the Art Institute of Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1972 and continued at Rollins College Winter Park, where she graduated in 1983.

She has studied with many Local, National and International Artists and has attended numerous workshops in Watercolor, Acrylic, Pastel,Colored Pencil, Drawing, Paper collage, Photography and Encaustic.

Carrie also taught 360 children, pk4-8th grade, Art and Art History at a local Charter School.

A few of her special art tours were to Greece, where she taught children in the streets how to paint, Ringling School of Art and Design with renowned artists Charles Reid and Steven Quiller in Creede, Colorado.

Carrie has won numerous awards over the years, and stays busy with her Art Leagues and in her studio, “Athena Rose Studio” in Eustis, Florida.

“Art comes from your heart, and is a way of seeing the world in a way very few can or do, but I would have it no other way.”



“Not Alone”

Encaustic – “Not Alone”, dedicated to women fighting breast cancer.



  • “Not Alone”

    “Not Alone”



Please email me at Athenarose222@gmail.com


I’ve started experimenting with the idea of teaching some things on you tube here are some of my videos: